THE CLUB IN 2016/17

The current membership stands at 53 and meets twice per month, a business and dinner meeting, in addition to both the wide a varied programme of service, fund raising and social activities. These range from running one of the largest horse shows in the county, a nationally recognized triathlon and the town carnival to Christmas barrel organ collections, a fun day for the disabled, quiz nights and numerous other events.

Bob Bartlett becomes new President of Tonbridge Lions Club.


On Sunday 26th June Bob Bartlett was inaugurated as the sixty-seventh President of Tonbridge Lions Club. Outgoing President, James Lark, presented Bob with the chain of office at a luncheon held at Hever Golf and Country Club.


Bob was born in Lewisham, South East London but moved to Maidstone when he joined the Kent County Constabulary. It was here that he and Janet were married in 1972. They had two sons, Roger and Richard, before moving to Tonbridge where their third son, Phillip, was born. Bob and Jan also have 5 grandchildren. After retiring from the Police force Bob worked as a Consultant Event Organiser working on some of the major sporting events in the country such as the Tour of Great Britain Cycle Race, the Tour de France Cycle Race and the London Triathlon. Upon retiring in 2012 he sailed his yacht to Greece where he is now often to be found.


Bob and Jan are looking forward to their year leading members of Tonbridge Lions club and their ladies as they continue to serve the community of Tonbridge during the clubs 66th year.

Tonbridge Lion Club’s new President Bob Bartlett receives the chain of office from his predecessor James Lark

 Tonbridge Lion Club’s new President Bob Bartlett and his wife Jan


 Board of Directors 2016/17                           

President Lion Bob Bartlett
Secretary Lion John Ruck
Treasurer Lion Steve Harvey
Greeter Lion James Lark
First Vice President Lion Gordon Hill
Second Vice President Lion Tom Simmons
Third Vice President Lion Lofty Bunyon
Minutes Secretary Lion Neal Charlesworth
Director (1 year) Lion Barrie Bromley
Director (2 year) Lion Mike Edwards
Activities Chairman Lion John Ruck
Tail Twister Lion Keith Bourne
Lion Tamer Lion Carl Lewis
Activities Secretary Lion Dixon Hawkins



The summer of 1949 saw the beginnings of Tonbridge Lions Club.


During the 1939/45 war a Tonbridge hairdresser CWH Addy was often in touch with servicemen from the United States and Canada. He heard many stories about the Lions and the aims and objectives of Lions Clubs, and decided he would try to organize a club in Tonbridge.


In 1947 he wrote to the headquarters office of Lions International for advice and as a consequence was able to advise that office in 1949 that he was in contact with enough interested men in Tonbridge to form a Lions Club.


The official formation of Tonbridge Lions Club followed on the 9th February 1950, though it had been operating as a club for some months prior to that date.